Details of talks


The Palace of Westminster

I am an accredited Guide for the Palace of Westminster and have taken thousands of people around the building. This popular illustrated talk gives a history of Parliament and the buildings which make up the Palace of Westminster. I mention the art and architecture of the building as well as information as to the traditions and workings of our parliament.

Collecting Postcards

In the “golden age” of Postcards between 1904 and 1914, millions of postcards were posted every week and everyone had a postcard album. This talk tells the story of postcards and is illustrated with local examples. (Updated to suit your location) I show examples of postcard styles, artists and publishers and give hints on collecting and value.

The History of Policing the Railways

I retired from the British Transport Police in 2007 and was for many years was the Force Historian. The Railway Police is one of the oldest police forces in the world – indeed there were Railway Police before there were railways! This talk tells the story of how the force has developed and how it has pioneered many modern policing methods

The Eastbourne Police & Eastbourne Murders

The talk begins with a brief history of the Police Service in the UK and continues with the surprising reason why Eastbourne established its own Police Force. Many shocking murders were dealt with by the Borough police until 1968 when the force was amalgamated with the East Sussex Constabulary.

Sussex Gravestones and Graveyards

People have been buried in Sussex for thousands of years. I have toured Sussex looking for examples of odd and interesting gravestones and graveyards from simple wooden crosses to huge pyramids! An odd subject for a talk but one that people find interesting!

The Lost Village of Tidemills

Today, there is not much to see of the village of Tidemills which once stood between Newhaven and Seaford, but I have gathered a wealth of pictures and first hand information about this thriving community with its mill, children’s hospital and racing stables. The village lasted from the 18th Century until the Second World War when it was demolished.

Sussex in the Great War

Sussex has been on the front line of various conflicts but during the Great War the county was the venue of military camps, hospitals and air-bases. The talk focuses on the impact of the war to the people of Sussex, both the hardships suffered and the huge loss of life which all but one Sussex village suffered. I also mention the black soldiers and conscientious objectors who found themselves in Sussex.


I am the Vice-Chairman of the Local History Society and regularly conduct tours around this beautiful village. But, if you want to stay in the dry I can provide an illustrated version of the tour showing some old views too.

What to see in a Sussex Church

I enjoy visiting churches and have toured Sussex photographing some of the quirky aspects of the buildings. The talk is well illustrated with details of the churches and some of the traditions associated with our country churches such as beating the bounds and church clipping.

A History of Seaford

A general history of Seaford from 60,000million years BC to the present day! There have been “nine ages” of Seaford History and Kevin gives an overview of each age along with introducing a local person from that time. This talk can last between 45 minutes and 3 hours depending on your requirements.

I have a number of special talks about the history of Seaford, these include “Seaford Schools” - “The Famous People of Seaford” “Seaford Museum” “A Military History of Seaford” and presentations about the “Crypt” and “St Leonard’s Parish Church” ask for details or any specific subject about the town you would like me to talk about.


Eastbourne is my home town and I have a wealth of information collected from family albums and diaries relating to the history of the town particularly the seafront.

The Cuckmere River

An illustrated history about one of the lesser known Sussex rivers from its source to Cuckmere Haven which was a notorious area for smuggling. 

Early Sussex Railways

This talk outlines the history of early railways and how they first arrived in Sussex

Field and Place names of Sussex

Every very field once had a name. This talk recalls the history of Sussex place names and the hundreds of fields.